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Introduction to Fiber Optic Technology

Patrick Dobbins, director of applications engineering and field engineering for AFL, provides an introduction to fiber optic technology in this presentation recording.  He’ll cover the following 13 core objections of working with fiber:

  • Why use optical fiber
  • Elements of an optical fiber
  • Fiber strength and coatings
  • Total internal reflection
  • Index of reflection
  • Single-mode and multi-mode fibers
  • Attenuation - intrinsic and extrinsic
  • Wavelength - Fundamental Operating Windows
  • Single-mode cut-off wavelength
  • Dispersion - model chromatic (material and wavelength)
  • Types of fiber optic cables
  • Key cable installation and handling parameters
  • Splice closure systems

For more information on the basics of fiber optic cable, read these blogs about its benefitsbasic structure, attenuation and the differences between single-mode and multimode.