Converged Access Network

AFL’s Converged Access Network solution helps network operators build expandable, flexible and accessible networks for 5G/Wireless Fronthaul/Backhaul; Fiber-to-the-Home/Business; Multiple Dwelling Units/Multiple Tenant Units (MXU); campuses and venues; enterprise; and central office.

  • 5G Fronthaul Backhaul Brochure

    5G Fronthaul Backhaul Brochure

    Explore this brochure to see how AFL’s fiber and equipment solutions can help you build an expandable, flexible and accessible network in a range of application areas.

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  • Converged Access Network Solutions & Interactive Map

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  • (Re) Introducing the Generations Blog!

    (Re) Introducing the Generations Blog!

    AFL is renaming its “5G Blog” series to the “Generations Blog.”  The reason for the change and what it means for access network technology will be explained in this first entry.

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  • Webinar Recording: Network Convergence for Everyone41:44

    Webinar Recording: Network Convergence for Everyone

    AFL webinar that covers why network convergence is a critically important concept for all network operators and what a converged access network looks like.

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  • Interactive Map for 5G/Wireless Access Network

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  • The Collision of Cloud and the Edge

    The Collision of Cloud and the Edge

    To understand why C-RAN and Edge Computing are happening, we need to look at the drivers of each, and when we do, we’ll see there isn’t necessarily an inevitable “collision.” 

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  • The Collision of Cloud and the Edge, Part 2: Preparing for Impact

    The Collision of Cloud and the Edge, Part 2: Preparing for Impact

    Josh Simer, AFL Market Manager for Service Providers and MSOs, outlines a likely-to-be common scenario for network operators when developing C-RAN and Edge data centers.

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  • Interactive Map for Campus/Venue Networks

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  • The Economic Drivers of 5G

    The Economic Drivers of 5G

    Josh Simer, AFL's Service Provider Market Manager, continues the 5G discussion by reviewing the economic drivers of 5G.

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  • Utility FTTA/FWA and Small Cell Solutions

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  • FTTx Solutions

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  • MxU Services and Solutions

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  • Let There be Light

    Let There be Light

    Seán Adam, AFL's VP of market strategy & innovation, kicks off a new 5G blog series that will focus on the emerging 5G ecosystem and infrastructure elements needed to transition to 5G.

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