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  • [Brochure] Splice+ App

    [Brochure] Splice+ App

    This brochure outlines the functionality of the Splice+ app that works with Fujikura devices for optical fiber splicing that have Bluetooth capability.

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  • CopperClad Steel Wire

    CopperClad Steel Wire

    Brochure featuring AFL Copperclad Steel Wire that is the ideal solution for communications capabilities for both electric utilities and communications carriers.

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  • AFL Enterprise Services for Florida Municipalities and Governments

    AFL Enterprise Services for Florida Municipalities and Governments

    Brochure featuring AFL Enterprise Services solutions for the State of Florida municipalities and governments.

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  • Brochure: Apex® Fiber Optic Splice Closure

    Brochure: Apex® Fiber Optic Splice Closure

    Brochure that outline AFL's Apex® Fiber Optic Splice Closure solutions and benefits.

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  • AFL Multi-Site Rollouts

    AFL Multi-Site Rollouts

    AFL's professional project managers provide centralized command and control for even the most complex, multi-phased scope of work.

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  • 5G Fronthaul Backhaul Brochure

    5G Fronthaul Backhaul Brochure

    Explore this brochure to see how AFL’s fiber and equipment solutions can help you build an expandable, flexible and accessible network in a range of application areas.

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  • Construction Products Regulation Certified Cables

    Construction Products Regulation Certified Cables

    AFL brochure explains the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) and how it applies to fiber optic cables.

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  • Armored Cabling

    Armored Cabling

    Indoor/Outdoor Armored Distribution cables provide added protection for campus network cabling between buildings where short installation runs allow for cost savings.

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  • MTP®  PRO Brochure

    MTP® PRO Brochure

    The MTP® PRO design is focused on simplicity and reliability to ensure a quick and effective method for pin configuration without the need to remove the housing or handling of loose pins.

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  • Alumoweld® Cable Benefits Brochure

    Alumoweld® Cable Benefits Brochure

    Alumoweld®'s high strength, excellent conductivity, superior corrosion resistance and compatibility with solid aluminum wire makes AFL’s aluminum clad steel products highly desirable.

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  • ASCEND® High Density Modular Solutions

    ASCEND® High Density Modular Solutions

    Product brochure for the ASCEND platform, a modular, high-density, rack-mount solution designed for data centers, central offices, headends and structured cabling networks.

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  • OSP FTTX Solutions

    OSP FTTX Solutions

    AFL provides the expertise to help maximize the deployment and reliability of any FTTx network both now and in the future.

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  • MDU Solutions

    MDU Solutions

    As a world leader in fiber optic cabling, connectivity, testing and splicing, AFL has the expertise to provide complete end-to-end solutions for MDU FTTx applications.

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  • AFL Aerial Fiber Optic Cable

    AFL Aerial Fiber Optic Cable

    From a variety of cable design options to the accessories required for the cable, AFL offers a systems solution for your demanding aerial applications.

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  • Aerial & Electrical Solutions Brochure

    Aerial & Electrical Solutions Brochure

    Aerial Cable Systems Solutions and Electrical Power Systems Solutions Brochure. With proven experience, depend on AFL as your trusted advisor.

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  • LAZERMaster® LZM-125 Series

    LAZERMaster® LZM-125 Series

    The LZM-125 series consists of splicing glass processing systems and fiber ablation machines that use a CO2 laser heat source to perform splicing, tapering, lensing, ablation and more.

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  • OSP Microtechnology Reference Guide

    OSP Microtechnology Reference Guide

    Microtechonology Reference Guide for AFL OSP MicroCore® and DURA-LINE MicroDucts

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  • Medical Fiber Optics

    Medical Fiber Optics

    AFL has developed a broad range of medical optical fibers and assemblies to address the needs of the minimally-invasive probe and equipment manufacturers in the medical marketplace.

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  • HiTemp® Series Accessories for ACCC® Conductors

    HiTemp® Series Accessories for ACCC® Conductors

    Demand for power continues to increase at an alarming rate, forcing utilities to put greater and greater electrical loads on their existing lines.

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  • HetConnect™ Solutions

    HetConnect™ Solutions

    Looking forward, the appetite for huge amounts of data keeps building and by 2020, experts predict a six-fold increase in data traffic worldwide.

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