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[White Paper] Key Considerations for a SAFER™ Fiber Network in Data Center White Space

This white paper explores the SAFER methodology that helps data centers design and build their white space infrastructure to be energy-efficient, easily accessible, flexible, expandable and reliable.

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The exponential growth and adoption of cloud computing is having a significant impact on the white space infrastructure of hyperscale and colocation data centers. As more and more companies switch to hyperscale cloud computing for its speed, reduced downtime losses, easier management and scalability based on demand, the demand for data center space is skyrocketing. According to Gartner, by 2026 global cloud spending will exceed $1 trillion and will outperform all other areas of IT spending, putting great pressure on cloud hyperscalers to deliver on their promises of cost effectiveness and reliability to the market, whilst still effectively managing their own requirements, with sustainable practices, in a cost-effective way.

The result of this increased demand has driven data center technologies to offer ever increasing compute, network and storage resources in much smaller physical footprints, leveraging virtualization and automation technology to deliver highly efficient resource utilization, higher levels of redundancy and a high degree of workload mobility. This requires that data centers implement cabling solutions that are offering higher bandwidth density in increasingly smaller footprints, more efficient cable runs and ever-increasing degrees of modularity, enabling the underpinning white space infrastructure within these environments to meet the growing demands placed upon it, in terms of flexibility, future-proofing and nondisruptive operation.

Essentially, white space infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex to manage through traditional methods, and data centers are looking for new and innovative solutions to manage this complexity and ensure the reliability and scalability of their networks.

In this white paper, we explore the SAFER™ methodology that data centers can use to ensure that their white space infrastructure is designed and built to be energy-efficient, easily accessible, flexible, expandable and reliable.