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Executive Summary: Be Ready for Modern Network Builds with Ribbon

Executive Summary that highlights six key takeaways of the advantages of a ribbon architecture.

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The demand for digital services continues to grow at a fever pitch. Addressing this demand requires continuing the transition to a fiber-deep network architecture
that has been underway for many years; the networks of the future will require far more fiber.

Modern networks that are built around ribbon save considerable time and money, and such networks are better prepared for the future. The latest generation ribbon has multiple advantages, including enabling mass fusion splicing. Ribbon provides for significantly faster fiber-to-fiber splicing, faster fiber-to-cassette splicing, and faster network testing.

Key Takeaways

The advantages of ribbon architecture were discussed in a series of webinar. This executive summary highlights the following key takeaways.

  • Data demand increased dramatically during the pandemic
  • The transition to fiber-deep network architecture will continue
  • Latest generation ribbon has multiple advantages
  • Other features of ribbons provide greater flexibility and time savings.
  • Mass fusion splicing puts it all together
  • A look at the data confirms the advantages of collapsible ribbon and mass fusion splicing