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Podcast | Fiber Through the Grid: Addressing the Challenges of the Grid Today

Today’s emerging grid is a highly distributed bi-directional mesh network that addresses a real-time dynamic energy environment. In an evolving landscape, network and grid operators must design their grids to support not only the challenges of today, but also those of the future. 

Seán Adam, Vice President of Market Strategy and Innovation, recently participated in “T&D Talk,” a special series on the T&D World Line Life Podcast channel. In this episode titled “Fiber Through the Grid: Addressing the Challenges of the Grid Today,” Seán discussed the challenges facing utilities in the process of modernizing the electric grid, and how fiber is uniquely suited to address requirements for both today and tomorrow. 

In this episode, listeners will learn about:

  • The challenges electric utilities face when modernizing the electric grid, such as an aging infrastructure, impacts of climate change and the need to support renewable energy and electric vehicles
  • The necessity for upgrading and transforming power grids to meet increasing energy demands 
  • The importance of deploying a fiber-deep network that will embrace low-latency applications and last for generations
  • The benefits of fiber, including its ability to provide equal upload and download speed, its potential to enhance network efficiency and its heightened security against vulnerabilities, like electromagnetic pulse attacks
  • The concept of building a SAFER™ network that is sustainable, accessible, flexible, expandable, and reliable to ensure the resilience of the grid for future energy demands

Click on the link below to listen to the full podcast and learn more about AFL’s Grid Modernization efforts.