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Enhancing the Customer Experience – The Power of AFL’s Customer Portal

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, companies are constantly seeking ways to improve customer experience. Designed to empower customers to take control of their journey, AFL’s Customer Portal streamlines the AFL experience by offering customers and agents quick and easy real-time access to information, such as shipping notifications, invoices, expedite requests and more. We interviewed Scotty Simpson, Inside Sales Representative (ISR) for the Enterprise Market, on his experience with the portal from an ISR point of view. 

One of the portal’s major benefits is its 24-hour access to information, which is especially beneficial for customers in different time zones. Based in South Carolina (Eastern Standard Time), Scotty manages customers across the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones  – all of which are one to three hours behind him. When he is occupied with other tasks or it’s outside of his normal working hours, customers can utilize the portal to retrieve information independently and efficiently. 

When using the portal, customers can identify concerns that may not come to AFL’s attention until it’s too late and become issues for the end user. This early awareness allows Scotty to proactively address potential problems, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

For example, one of Scotty’s California customers uses the portal daily to track orders, pull trackers and update their clients with expected delivery dates. If they see a missed ship date through the portal, they will notify him via email. This allows Scotty to reach out to his support team within AFL and immediately resolve the issue before the customer arrives at the office in California the following morning. With the portal, he’s able to stay informed about any outstanding matters. Leveraging the portal’s functionalities enables both parties to work together as a team and manage the account.

Other benefits of the portal include:

  • Ability to setup advanced email notifications for orders, shipments and invoices, specifying preference for states/provinces, cities and zip/postal codes
  • Follow the orders and shipments of interest
  • Track order and shipment progress using the homepage feed
  • Advanced search feature to filter and search for the desired information and export it to excel
  • Training on how you can configure the portal to meet your needs

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Thanks to Scotty Simpson for providing his insights and experience with the portal!