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Part Three: AFL’s Role in Supporting Broadband Expansion

In Parts One and Two of our three-part blog series, we examined AFL’s dedication to advancing broadband expansion across the nation while exploring the intricate landscape of government funding programs to ensure smooth navigation and compliance. In this blog, we will dive into AFL’s strategic initiatives for this once-in-a-generation opportunity. To support our customers in this unique and transformative period for broadband deployment, AFL is making significant strides on multiple fronts.

One such achievement is the recent addition of AFL’s Duncan, South Carolina manufacturing facility to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) “BABA Map.” This recognition highlights our commitment to manufacturing high-quality, compliant products in the U.S., reinforcing our position as a trusted partner in broadband deployment.

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We also announced an investment of more than $50 million to expand our fiber optic cable manufacturing operations in South Carolina. This expansion will support our Build America, Buy America (BABA)-compliant optical cable portfolio, further driving broadband access and connectivity nationwide. This investment also underscores AFL’s commitment to our ongoing contribution to a stronger, more connected future for all communities across the country.

Our BABA-compliant Fiber-to-the-Home portfolio is at the forefront of these efforts. We are expanding our U.S.-based connectivity and conductor hardware manufacturing footprint and establishing a resilient and reliable U.S. supply chain. This initiative is part of our broader BABA compliance program, where AFL is diligently working to adjust its supply chain and manufacturing processes to maximize the number of products that can comply with BABA rules in general and the BEAD waiver, specifically. This compliance program helps ensure that our products meet the necessary standards to be used in federally funded projects, facilitating smoother project execution and adherence to regulations. 

Pictured Above: AFL's BEAD and BABA Compliant Cable and Connectivty Products
Click on this guide to learn more about AFL's position regarding BEAD, BABA and product compliance.

To better enable partnerships with our customers on federally funded programs, we have also implemented the necessary processes and systems. For example, we are actively tracking funding awards and opportunities by monitoring all U.S. government funding programs, their status and the recipients of the funds. This information is crucial to our sales and marketing efforts, allowing us to provide timely and targeted support to you, our customers. By staying informed about the latest developments in funding programs, we can better assist our customers in navigating the complexities of securing and utilizing federal funds for broadband projects.

AFL is committed to playing a pivotal role in the expansion of broadband infrastructure across the nation. Through substantial investments, a robust BABA compliance program and strategic tracking of funding opportunities, we are well-positioned to support you in this transformative period for broadband deployment.

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