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FuseConnect MPO 3mm Installation

AFL's FuseConnect™ MPO fusion-spliced, field-terminated connectors are uniquely designed and feature just six components. With a factory pre-polished ferrule, its innovative field-termination process eliminates polishing, adhesives, and crimping in the field minimizing the potential for operator error and expensive connector scrap. Designed to Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard (FOCIS), Type MPO, FOCIS-5, TIA-604-5-C, AFL's FuseConnect MPO performs as an equivalent to the standard factory terminated MPO/MTP® assemblies. Designed to utilize either ribbon or loose tube cable, this connector helps to minimize the complexity involved in the termination of a multi-fiber connection, allowing for a reliable and repeatable termination in field applications. FuseConnect MPO is part of the FuseConnect series splice-on connector which includes the SC, LC, ST, and FC that require a fusion splicer and accessories for installations. The AFL FuseConnect MPO Termination Kit specifically provides all the necessary accessories required for field termination of the FuseConnect MPO.