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AI trends in hyperscale connectivity: 2024 insights

Join AFL’s Manja Thessin in conversation with Datacentre Solutions Magazine, covering AI’s growing impact on hyperscale data centers. Key themes: · AI trends impacting hyperscale data centers · How AI cluster size—and scale of deployment—will evolve · Fiber optic cable innovations enabling large AI cluster connectivity · Overcoming challenges as the industry prepares to scale AI to exascale “Presently, the most substantial AI clusters house approximately 16,000 GPU accelerators. However, within the next one-to-two years, these clusters are projected to grow ten-fold. As AI models become increasingly large and intricate, we may soon witness the emergence of clusters with hundreds of thousands of nodes.” - Manja Thessin, Market Manager, AFL For more information about AI trends in hyperscale connectivity, download AFL’s AI trends e-book - #AFL #AItrends #datacenter #datacentresolutions #hyperscale