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Meet the AFL Team – Alex Martin

Alexandra “Alex” Martin

Alex is a Customer-Support Engineer for the Aerial Cable Systems business unit at AFL. She has been with AFL for three years.

AFL’s mission is to connect our customers around the world with innovative technologies, exceptional products and high-quality services.

Our vision is to positively impact communities by delivering superior solutions.

Considering AFL’s mission and vision statement (above), how do you feel you contribute to achieving these objectives in your role? “The keyword is ‘Connect.’ My role as a Customer-Support Engineer is to assist our Energy Market customers with all aspects of questions and concerns for OPGW and ADSS. As the administrator of Aerial Cable System Inventory, I apply items as needed to upcoming orders to reduce lead time and AFL’s scrap rate. This embodies our vision in offering superior solutions that will positively affect our customers and community.”

What do you enjoy most about working at AFL? “The internal community aspect of AFL. When I have had to reach out to other groups or engineers for assistance on a project or bid, people are more than welcome to help. I have gained so much knowledge by asking additional questions. People are more than happy to explain when you show an interest.”

What has impressed you most about the facility and/or product during your tenure at AFL? “I have been impressed by the constant growth at AFL, the technical and the physical growth. Our Applications Engineering team are challenged with finding new solutions and/or products to develop, test and showcase to the public. In addition, AFL has grown to keep up with the marketplace demands.”

AFL has positively impacted my life by: “Since starting AFL, my overall confidence inside and outside the office has increased. This is mainly due to the encouraging words of coworkers, friends and internal business development groups. All of them have pushed me to be a better employee and a better partner at home. This job has opened my eyes to see that women can succeed in all aspects of workforce. After graduating college with an engineering class of 70 with only 2 women, it is empowering to see a place where women are thriving in this field."