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Meet the AFL Team – Chad Mossburg

Chad Mossburg

Chad is a Quality Engineering Lab Test Technician for the for the Aerial Cable Systems business unit at AFL. He has been with AFL for more than 24 years.

AFL’s mission is to connect our customers around the world with innovative technologies, exceptional products and high-quality services.

Our vision is to positively impact communities by delivering superior solutions.

Considering AFL’s mission and vision statement above, how do you feel you contribute to achieving these objectives in your role? “In the quality lab, I get to do all the qualification testing on the best products that are on the market. It’s my goal to perform the testing according to the spec / templates that are required.”

What do you enjoy most about working at AFL? “I am able to do a lot of different testing from all the business units. I also enjoy the teamwork that we have.”

What has impressed you most about the facility and/or product during your tenure at AFL? “The growth and expansion between all the business units. AFL is the global leader with exceptional products and high-quality services.”

AFL has positively impacted my life by: “Hiring an 18-year-old kid out of high school not knowing what was in the future. Over the years of working in production, AFL has allowed me to move and learn more about the processes which gave me the opportunity where I am today. Eight years into the lab, I am continuing to grow and learn more."