Fast MPO Connector Inspection in the Data Center

September 24, 2018 Maury Wood

Fast multifiber connector inspection using new tools is now feasible even for hyperscale data center operators, with compelling operation expense reduction. Fast MPO inspection should be used by data center technical personnel, not only for maintenance operations, but also for turn-up operation, to ensure that infrastructure equipment and structured cabling is perfectly clean and will not degrade the optical signal to noise ratio across even short links.

About the Author

Maury Wood

Maury Wood is a Senior Product Manager at AFL where he is one of the leaders on development of MPO testing, inspecting and cleaning solutions. Before coming to AFL, Maury consulted in digital communications technologies at both systems and semiconductor companies, spanning the evolution from dial-up modems through xDSLAMs and 4G wireless basestations to data center optical transmission equipment.

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