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[White Paper] How to Properly Select Copperclad Steel

This white paper covers the advantages and disadvantages for AFL Copperclad Steel (CCS) cables as well as sizing methods.

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AFL Copperclad Steel (CCS) cables are a theft-deterrent alternative for traditional copper grounding cables. Copper is the preferred material of choice for grounding applications given its conductivity; but due to its high resale value, it is often the target of theft. Copperclad Steel provides a solution to this problem by combining the necessary electrical properties of copper, with the strength (and low resale value) of steel. When making the transition from copper to CCS cables, it can often be difficult to know which size to choose given the properties for a similar sized copper and CCS cable are not the same. Review this white paper to learn the advantages and disadvantages for CCS sizes and the differences between Dead Soft Annealed and High Strength options.