Swage Grounding Solutions

September 7, 2018

AFL’s new line of Swage Grounding Accessories use a compression technology process called “swaging” that enables installation of bus, cable and grounding accessories without the need of a welder. These Swage products allow the electric utility to install the accessories faster and more efficiently with lower installation costs over the welding process.

The complete Swage family includes Bus, Cable and now Grounding Accessories that  complement AFL’s Substation products which are made for low voltage up to 765 kV applications that involve cable, pipe, flat or tubular bus and integral web connections. With this new line, AFL is your full-line supplier for all types of accessories—welded, bolted and Swage.

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Swage Bus Installation Instructions
Swage Bus Installation Instructions

This video shows the proper techniques for installing Swage Bus Accessories in substation applications. Con...

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