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288 Fiber Ultra-High Fiber Density Micro-Duct Cable with Extreme Operating Performance

The micro-duct cable is designed to protect the fibers during installation and operation, withstanding over 300 pounds and extreme temperatures.

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A common means for deploying fiber optic cable is by jetting (sometimes referred to as blowing) the cable into installed ducts. To support these deployments, cable designs must be optimized for installation. For example, a general rule of thumb is the cable outer diameter (OD) should be less than 80% of the duct inner diameter (ID). Therefore, in order to maximize the number of fibers that can be installed in a given duct, the fiber density—the ratio of optical fibers to the cable cross-sectional area—must be maximized. However, the cable design must be sufficient to protect the fibers during installation and operation.

This paper will introduce an innovative, ultra-high density micro-duct cable having a 10.4 mm OD and containing 288 fibers. The cable is designed to withstand an installation tensile load exceeding 300 pounds and for operational temperatures between -40°C and 70°C. Test results of various fiber types will be presented. Additionally the paper will discuss results of a field trial where the cable was installed in a micro-duct with a 13 mm ID.