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Test & Inspection Equipment Utility FTTx Solutions

Refer to this guide to tackle the test and inspection challenges unique to each Utility FTTx PON application.

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Streaming 4K video, online gaming, work-from-home initiatives, richer internet content and more are fueling a global demand for higher bandwidth FTTx PON deployments. When it comes to testing and inspecting these networks, there are many challenges unique to each PON application.

Trained Salesforce

With the increasing demand for FTTx PON installations, the labor need has never been higher and is expected to grow. Maintenance and troubleshooting of FTTx PON networks can be challenging, especially for large-scale installations in remote or hard-to-reach locations. Less experienced workers need to be equipped with training and easy-to-use tools for energy providers to stay competitive.

Purpose-Built Tools

PON troubleshooting is an important part of FTTx maintenance. Rugged, durable tools 
designed and developed for specific PON applications and environments are necessary 
for quick detection, identification, and resolution of network issues.

Speed of Operations

When a network fails, the time to identify, diagnose and resolve issues is critical. 
Troubleshooting tools should be intuitive to configure, easy to understand, provide 
rapid results and identify corrective actions.

How can AFL Help?

AFL offers intelligent, intuitive tools to reduce the complexity of troubleshooting, cutting training costs and shortening the time spent troubleshooting network issues. Typical Utility FTTx PON deployments include three distinct applications. While larger electric utilities may have dedicated groups requiring dedicated tools for each application, smaller utilities may need a more all-in-one solution for a workforce responsible for all three applications.

From installation and maintenance through verification and troubleshooting, refer to this guide of our Equipment Utility FTTx solutions for maintaining the health of your network.