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AFL Introduces Highly Bend-Insensitive, Reduced-Diameter Single-mode Optical Fiber

North Grafton, MA and Spartanburg, SC – February 28, 2019 – AFL’s Specialty Fiber division is launching the series VSS700 reduced-diameter single-mode fiber. This series consists of an 80 µm cladding fiber design that exhibits extremely low macro-bend loss and high compatibility with standard 125 µm standard single-mode fibers. The new VSS700 fiber will be featured at the OFC Conference & Exhibition in San Diego, March 5-7 in AFL’s booth #6120.VSS700 Bend-Insensitive, Reduced-Diameter SM Optical Fiber
“The need for smaller sensors and transceiver modules and recent demand for higher density switching modules have been the drivers for increased interest in 80 µm clad optical fibers,” explained Dr. Abdel Soufiane, general manager and CTO for AFL’s Specialty Fiber Division.
Traditional 80 µm clad fibers with standard 0.12 numerical aperture (NA) inherently exhibit significantly higher attenuation and macro-bend loss than their 125 µm counterparts due to their reduced cladding size. AFL’s VSS700 advanced waveguide design and manufacturing processes overcome all those disadvantages while preserving the compatibility and splice-ability to standard telecom single-mode fibers. VSS700 attenuation at 1550 nm is <0.3 dB/km and macro-bend loss is ≤0.1 dB/wrap at 1550 nm.
Dr. Soufiane continued, “AFL’s VSS700 fiber was engineered to achieve low-loss, excellent bend-resistance, low splice-loss to other single-mode fibers, and 41 percent smaller size than standard 125 µm fibers for applications where small form factor and tight bends are required.”
The VSS700 is offered with standard acrylate coatings and can also be supplied with mid-temperature acrylates (150⁰C), Silicone-PFA (200⁰C) and Polyimide (300⁰C) coatings.
“This new 80 µm bend-insensitive single-mode fiber also complements other 80 µm fiber offerings from AFL and Fujikura for silicon-photonics coupling and bend-insensitive 80µm Polarization Maintaining fibers,” added Bill Jacobsen, senior engineer with AFL. 
AFL’s Specialty Fiber Division develops, manufactures and markets innovative specialty optical fibers for the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Military and Communications markets. The product family includes harsh environment, polarization-maintaining and medical fiber. AFL is focused on providing optical fiber and cable users with high quality, cost effective and technologically-advanced fiber-based solutions.
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About AFL
Founded in 1984, AFL is an international manufacturer providing end-to-end solutions to the energy, service provider, enterprise and industrial markets as well as several emerging markets. The company’s products are in use in over 130 countries and include fiber optic cable and hardware, transmission and substation accessories, outside plant equipment, connectivity, test and inspection equipment, fusion splicers and training. AFL also offers a wide variety of services supporting data center, enterprise, wireless and outside plant applications.
Headquartered in Spartanburg, SC, AFL has operations in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujikura Ltd. of Japan. For more information, visit
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