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FTTH is easier than you think. Just FOLLOW THE POWER®

AFL's FOLLOW THE POWER® service and PON ON PRIMARY® service simplifies fiber installation to a network that electric utilities know very well, which is their own power network. The electric utility power network from generation all the way to the consumer is very similar to a fiber network that can go as far as that same consumer. This service for fiber installation is not just for fiber-to-the-home networks that provide broadband to consumers either; it can be followed as deep into the network as needed for the specific application of the electric utility, cooperative or municipality

AFL is the only provider that offers a complete portfolio that includes end-to-end passive infrastructure, engineering, construction, consultation and maintenance services. Our ability goes beyond the traditional Engineer, Furnish and Install (EF&I) model to integrate manufacturing and research & development expertise which results in our unique turn-key integrated solutions delivery model. AFL provides design of telecommunications architecture, apparatus and equipment.

This video outlines how the FOLLOW THE POWER solution works.