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Product Spotlight: NodeFLEX® Bendable Cable Assembly


As a multi-system operator (MSO), do you ever find yourself forgetting a certain node cable for an aerial, underground or pedestal mount application? The installation process can be a bit complex as these applications tend to use different cable nodes. For example, a hybrid fiber-coax node for an aerial application uses a particular cable that would go straight into the box. However, when installing a fiber splice closure for an underground application, the node cable would need to be routed from the ground into the box at a 90° angle.

Customers began to question why a node cable suitable for both applications did not exist. Based on this customer feedback, AFL designed the NodeFLEX® Bendable Cable Assembly to simplify and consolidate the process for service providers. “The same NodeFLEX cable assembly can be used in a pedestal mount or in an aerial application,” says Jake Adams, associate product line manager at AFL. This product allows technicians to only carry one type of node cable that addresses aerial and below-grade installations.

One of the unique features of the NodeFLEX is its bendable boot. “Whereas other node cables either come with the straight fitting or 90° fitting, our NodeFLEX Cable Assembly is bendable, so it can be both a straight fitting, 90° fitting or anything in between,” says Adams. The boot continues hold its shape after it’s bent, further establishing the NodeFLEX’s adaptability to its environment.

Ordering complexity and inventory is also simplified as the NodeFLEX is one product that functions as both a straight and 90° fitting used in multiple applications. One product helps technicians maximize their time in the field since they aren’t taking as many trips back and forth to the warehouse for different parts.
For additional information on the NodeFLEX Cable Assembly, view the spec sheet.