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How To Reduce Data Center Operational Costs

Efficient fiber management has become a critical consideration with respect to data center architecture given the widespread adoption of fiber optic connectivity across hyperscale, co-location and telecommunication markets. Proper implementation of fiber management presents numerous benefits to data center operators with cost reduction being one of the more significant and sought-after.

Well-organized fiber management facilitates the easy testing and replacement of connections as well as protecting links, making future maintenance and expansion easier. Early implementation of proper fiber management offers reduced labor costs when compared to the maintenance of one incorrectly executed installation.

AFL offers a wide range of fiber management solutions to support both splicing and patching inside panels and external connections between panels.

Cable management for splicing and patching inside of panels

Enabling easy wiring inside panels, these products deliver efficient cable guidance and optimal bend radius as well as providing protection for valuable fiber optic connectivity.

  • Splice protectors for single and ribbon fiber
  • Splice trays for single and ribbon fiber, including our ground-breaking SpiderWeb Ribbon® Cable
  • Splice bridges for greater cable management flexibility and protection of splice protector
  • 6-segment separable cable-guiding spools
  • Bunny clips for easy installation and management of fiber guidance
  • Robust cable glands
  • Complete cable management kit

Cable management for external connections from panels to panels

Large-scale fiber cable installations can be untidy and hazardous if proper protection and management is not in place. Without appropriate and efficient cable management, damage could be caused to costly link connections and lines could be interrupted, incurring further cost in maintenance and replacements. 

AFL has a wide variety of innovative products to support a safe, organized cabling installation:

  • Brush strips and cable bars with cable management hoops to provide cable storage and management capabilities
  • Patch cord storage panels to manage patch cords of various lengths
  • Fiber management spools to protect the bend radius of patch cords
  • Various rack unit blank panels to reduce loss of air flow within the rack system
  • Various rack unit sliding/management trays to provide versatile patch cord management at the front of the rack
  • 1U fiber management guide to be used with any standard 1U Panel to protect exiting bend radius
  • Cable breakout boxes for the transition and re-routing of incoming high fiber count cable to lower count within panels

From initial installation to maintenance and future expansion, fiber management can play a substantial role in driving down operational costs within data centers. With a comprehensive range of fiber management products available, AFL is well-positioned to help you achieve a high performance, high-density, end-to-end solution for your data center, telecom or enterprise network.