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Clean fiber-optic connectors are necessary for optimal network performance. Even a one micron spec of dust can cause high connector loss, high reflectance and contamination of connectors. That is why offering exceptional cleaning products is a top priority at AFL and its parent company, Fujikura Ltd. of Japan. Fujikura developed the patented One-Click® Cleaner more than a decade ago to provide a simple, easy-to-use cleaner for connectors on jumpers and in adapters.


Shaped like a pen, a One-Click Cleaner, is simply inserted into the connector to be cleaned and the user presses the cleaner forward until it clicks. The One-Click Cleaner uses the mechanical push-action to rotate the cleaning tip while advancing optical grade cleaning tape to effectively clean fiber end-faces without causing any damage.
One-Click Cleaners provide multiple benefits to safeguard your network investment.
  • Protects the delicate fiber
  • Removes oil, dust, and dirt particulates that can damage connectors and have a negative impact on fiber optic network performance  
  • Extends the life of connections, thereby reducing replacement costs
  • Ensures accurate testing measurements and operation
  • Delivers 500+ cleans making it a low cost solution 
  • Available for a variety of single and multi-fiber connectors including SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, ODU, MT-RJ, Duplex LC and MPO.
Network failures are costly, and most can be prevented with proper inspection and cleaning.  Make sure you are using the one and only One-Click Cleaner from Fujikura for reliable cleaning every click.  
AFL offers One-Click Cleaners for a variety of connectors and applications.  Contact your local distributor or sales agent for more information.  

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a Product Marketing Specialist at AFL where he is responsible for cleaning solutions. Paul holds a degree in Business from Southern New Hampshire University and has worked at AFL for two years.

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One-Click®  Fiber Optic Connector Cleaners
One-Click® Fiber Optic Connector Cleaners

AFL's One-Click® Fiber Optic Connector Cleaners

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