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90S+ Splicer Error Code and Troubleshooting Quick Guide

This application note outlines the common error codes that may appear when using the 90S+ Splicer and how to troubleshoot the errors.

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Error messages can be confusing and the instruction manual isn’t always practical to look through for troubleshooting information. This Application Note distills some important information about error codes for the 90S+ fusion splicer, the causes, and potential remedies into a concise document for easy, pocket reference…even on your phone.

The 90S+ has a very long error list, so having them all listed in one document alongside potential causes and remedies makes the troubleshooting process much easier and more effective, eliminating costly splicer downtime.

Some error codes have underlying causes that can be somewhat complex and difficult to intuitively understand, so this Application Note provides clarity and explanation of those more complicated error messages.
This application note is meant to be support technicians who use a 90S+ splicer, who are new to splicing, or those who are migrating to the 90S+ from an older/different splicing platform.

We also have a troubleshooting guide for the 90R splicer here.