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Ditch the Zip. Get the Clip. (New Advanced Fiber Retention System)

The Apex® Advanced Fiber Retention System (AFRS) makes fiber management a breeze with both ribbon and loose tube cable. This dual system, designed to be used with Apex splice closure trays, increases installation efficiency while improving the protection of your network investment. You will never have to use another cable tie again.

The AFRS uses a V-Clip system to secure your loose tube fiber when routing from the slack basket to the slice tray. Tape nor cable ties are needed to secure your buffer tubes to the splice tray, providing the appropriate retention for your fiber. When used in conjunction with the mesh adapter, housing, and inserts, you can also secure your ribbon fiber from the slack basket to the splice tray, also providing the appropriate retention and additional protection for your ribbon fiber.  The AFRS will eliminate the need for cable ties, reduce your installation time, the need for using sharp tools, and leaving sharp edges behind that can damage individual fibers or injure the installer.

The Apex AFRS is a new addition to AFL’s comprehensive line of fiber connectivity products including hardened preterminated multiport terminals and drops, fiber distribution hubs, splice closures, field installable connectors, and more.  

Now watch this video to see why "Ditch the Zip. Get the Clip." will be your new best friend in the field.