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Fusion Splicing 103: Fujikura 90R

In this video, we explore the functions and features of the Fujikura 90R that enable efficient, high-quality mass fusion splicing as well as some helpful tips and tricks for improving your splice process. This class will teach us:

  • How is the 90R different from the single-fiber splicer?
  • Choosing an operation mode for the fusion splicer
  • Setting up Bluetooth between the splicer, cleaver, and thermal stripper
  • Using Active Blade Management (ABM) through Bluetooth
  • Performing an arc calibration
  • Choosing splice and heater modes according to your fiber
  • How to prepare your fiber for splicing 

The Fusion Splicer 90R, CT50 cleaver, and RS03 thermal stripper were used for this guide.

For additional help with the fiber splicing process or detailed technical support, call our 24/7 helpline at 1-800-235-3423, Option 3.