A crew #testing #fibers 100 miles from the office discovered upon return that they tested with the wrong parameters. The crew had to be dispatched a second time. With #aeRos®, the #Project #Manager can review the test results beforehand. Learn more: https://t.co/U6GQB75EAL https://t.co/W4CZB6mWMm

12:00 PM - 5 Jun 18
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Rogue Modular Test Suite
Rogue Modular Test Suite

Meet our Rogue Modular Test Suite. Learn more about Rogue: http://bit.ly/AFL-rogue

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Telecom Cleaning & Inspection Best Practices
Telecom Cleaning & Inspection Best Practices

A one micron diameter speck of dust obscures 1% of a 10 micron fiber endface, resulting in about 0.06 dB of...


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