Reflections from the 2019 BICSI Fall Conference

November 1, 2019 Lucas Mays

By Lucas Mays, Applications Engineer

The BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition was an immense communal gathering of experts and novices alike to share knowledge and experiences. It was a great environment to be a part of as an exhibitor, an attendee and a speaker. It was exciting to see all of the development happening across the industry. 
Numerous vendors showcased new products and technologies and their efforts to help the Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) industry move forward. The pre-conference seminars were well attended, which is always a good thing to see, because it shows the people that make this industry truly want to learn more about the technology they are enabling. The ICT industry has a lot of things going on that make it exciting to be a part of these days, so it is an honor to be a front runner in solutions for folks that are enabling these changes at an industry level.
Receiving the platinum level award for the 2019 Cabling Installation and Maintenance Innovators Awards for the Bluetooth®-enabled Splicing family was quite the honor. (AFL’s Test and Inspection won the gold and silver awards for FlexScan® Quad OTDR and FOCIS Lightning Multi-Fiber Connector Inspection System, respectively.) 

This award is an affirmation of everything we try to achieve in the products we develop, and that is producing features and solutions that truly bring realizable value to our users. The Bluetooth communication between the splicer and fiber prep accessories really does reduce the hassle and time spent managing splicing equipment, which can be a pain and anyone who has dealt with these items for a long period of time knows that. We know from customer testimonies that they are reaping the benefits this solution provides in splicing operations. They are keeping their equipment in the field longer, reducing equipment downtime and keeping them in the field splicing.
The desire to innovate in such a way that provides monetary value to our customers is not a new thing for us. Fujikura has always had this at the forefront of their development ideas and it is not something that is going to change. You can continue to trust that Fujikura will bring you splicing and related equipment that is designed to keep you going and will always give you a return on your investment. We pride ourselves in building lasting relationships and meaningful trust with our customers, as well as enjoy seeing them succeed when using our products. 


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Lucas Mays

Lucas Mays is an Applications Engineer for field fusion splicers and accessories at AFL. He has previous optics industry experience both in the field as a splicer/installer and as an engineer working in R&D and product development. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Louisville where he focused in optical sciences, driving his enthusiasm for his work at AFL.

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