AFL’s OSP MicroCore® Innovations and Demonstration Videos

May 7, 2019 Stephen Martin, RCDD

AFL’s OSP MicroCore® product line represents some of the most robust, highest density Telcordia GR-20 compliant micro-loose tube cables available today. Several innovations are employed to create the LM, LM200 and LMHD series of OSP MicroCore cables, including;

  • Small kink-resistant buffer tubes contain ITU-T G.652D/G.657.A1 optical fiber
  • Contra-helically stranded cores for ease  of mid-span access
  • Rugged, thin-wall HDPE outer sheath optimized for core protection and high performance air-jetting installations.
The following instructional videos are intended to guide cable installers and splicing technicians on recommend cable prep for splicing.

AFL OSP MicroCore® Mid Sheath Entry Demonstration

AFL OSP MicroCore® End Preparation Demonstration


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Stephen Martin, RCDD

Stephen Martin is a Senior Product Manager for Enterprise Fiber Optic Cables at AFL. He has over 30 years of industry experience in cable design, process development, applications, and market development. Today, Stephen is involved with the creation and implementation of next-generation, high-density ribbon and micro optical cable technologies for the Enterprise and Service Provider market places.

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AFL OSP MicroCore® Mid Sheath Entry Demonstration
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